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Transforming Patient Data into Actionable Insights.

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Mayo Clinic
cliexa joined Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate, an immersive program for health tech startups as part of its initial cohort of participating companies.
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American College of Cardiology
The American College of Cardiology and cliexa, have collaborated through the ACC Innovation Program to launch a home health monitoring platform called cliexa-PULSE.
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2020 Winner
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Awards and Recognitions

cliexa has been acknowledged by and partnered with some of the most credible medical institutions in the United states.


Connecting patients to care.

cliexa’s platforms connect all aspects of patient care, from initial treatment through after-care, to optimize outcomes and reduce costs.

cliexa integrated care solutions (end-to-end care)

cliexa is an end-to-end virtual health platform that provides clinicians a complete understanding of real-time patient data. cliexa removes the barriers and inaccuracies in data collection, empowering clinicians to provide personalized care. This is all of our solutions combined.

Automated Scheduling Platform

ProSkedge is designed to automate surgical scheduling in order to reduce cancellations and reschedules, while improving patient experience. ProSkedge saves you time and money.

Emergency Room Patient Engagement Platform

navigatER is a patient experience platform, powered by cliexa, that enables transparency and real-time communication between emergency care providers and their patients via a secure mobile app.


Real-time Data. Real-time Insights. Real-time care.

cliexa is the ideal full-stack virtual health cloud solution utilizing patient-reported data, to bridge the physician-patient relationship to optimize your day-to-day workflow.

Predictive Modeling with Artificial Intelligence

Personalized Patient Monitoring

Intake Solutions

Making an Impact

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