The Silicon Review's 30 Best Leaders to Watch in 2019

cliexa’s Founder and CEO, Mehmet Kazgan, is rated as one of the “30 Best Leaders to Watch in 2019” Mehmet was featured in an article highlighting his success as an entrepreneur, and business owner. Mehmet founded cliexa in late 2015 and has been working diligently to grow the company. Mehmet sat down with the Silicon Review team to discuss his experience as a leader in business, and healthcare technology.

Here is a snippet from the article:

“What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?”

“My greatest fear is to over-promise and under-deliver, in any form, within a business or non-business related context. I manage fear by acknowledging it and facing it when the time comes.”

“What were the biggest initial hurdles to building your business and how did you overcome them?”

“Convincing others about my entrepreneurial approach and vision was one of the biggest hurdles. Validating the concept and demonstrating the outcomes was one of the ways I worked to overcome them.”

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cliexa wins Department of Health and Human Services: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Step Up Challenge
cliexa is a semifinalist in the AHRQ's Step-Up Challenge

cliexa is a semifinalist in the AHRQ's Step-Up Challenge

cliexa is one of 10 companies out of 50+ advancing to Phase 2 of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)‘s Step-Up App Challenge with the “goal of developing an app that integrates standardized patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data into clinical care and research.”

For Phase 2 of the Step Up App Challenge, cliexa will design, develop, and demo our application using the FHIR technical specifications and PROMIS® resources for patient-reported outcomes with the hope to be selected as one of the three winners, who will get the opportunity to test their product in nine practice settings affiliated with MedStar Health in Washington, DC.

Read the blog announcing the 10 semifinalists from Director of the AHRQ, Gopal Khanna, M.B.A:

Check out our portfolio of patient-reported outcomes applications: cliexa Mobile

A Better Option: cliexa’s digital platform unlocks powerful new data for sexual health screening


Lisa Rue, PhD, Senior Advisor


Now that we have come out the other side of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have time to refocus health care efforts to improving patient-focused experiences in primary care to start to tackle another epidemic. The epidemic of sexually transmitted disease within adolescent populations. According to a 2018 report by the CDC, sexually transmitted infections are at an all-time high in adolescents.


A recent federal grant has provided a proof of concept opportunity for a unique collaboration between the University of Northern Colorado’s Applied Psychology and Counselor Education Program (APCE) and North Colorado Family Medicine. Doctoral students from APCE support Family Physicians at North Colorado Family Medicine using the innovative cliexa-OPTIONS platform supporting an integrated approach to adolescent health and wellness


Adolescent patients are screened using the cliexa-OPTIONS digital health screening before seeing their family physician. If the patient’s risk report flags potential risk for depression, anxiety, or sexual risk, their doctor explores this risk with the patient during their brief visit. High-risk patients are referred immediately to one of our APCE doctoral students. This unique integrated care approach provides more comprehensive care before the patient leaves the office. Patients scoring high in sexual risk are asked to complete MyPLAN after they leave the clinic. They complete MyPLAN using their mobile phone in the comfort of their home. Their wellness plan is securely delivered to their mental health professional who reviews before the follow-up appointment.


Results from a recent comparative case study suggest found that two types of clinics, medical and mental health clinics, may want to include a digital health-based app (e.g., cliexa-OPTIONS) as part of their screening process. Results found that the average time to complete the screening was between 2.75- 4.26 minutes. Spending a few extra minutes prior to the appointment has big dividends for enhancing patient/client care.


One clinician at a rural Title X Family Planning Clinic discovered that a teenage female patient had contact with an individual who had syphilis. The patient indicated that being able to express that sensitive information initially on an iPad made it so much easier for her to talk about it later in the appointment. The patient felt comfortable in a way she would not have felt otherwise. This was a common thread for all the teenage patients seen at the clinic; they more comfortable expressing their fears or problems using the iPad than they would have using a face-to-face interview.


Preliminary independent evaluation results are promising. While the two sites serve distinct populations and have different focus areas, they emphasize helping adolescents and young adults make healthy, informed, and positive decisions about their lives, including their sexual behaviors. The cliexa-OPTIONS digital sexual risk assessment app appears to have been successful at each of these sites by helping clinicians open up critical conversations with patients/clients by providing avenues for improving the quality of care they receive. Furthermore, patients appear to enjoy using the digital app and find it easy to use. Patients from both clinics reported high levels of satisfaction using the app and strongly agreed with the statement, “I would use cliexa services again.”


cliexa’s digital screening tools instantly flag risky sexual behaviors in adolescents beyond the traditional face-to-face assessment process. The findings suggest the application facilitates detailed information about risky sexual behavior, allowing providers to tailor questions appropriately, focusing brief clinical interventions on the most pertinent information, saving time increasing care and efficiency. 


By Q4 of 2022, the final results of this independent evaluation of cliexa-OPTIONS will be complete. Independent evaluation results for the quad aims of patient and clinician satisfaction, reduced cost, and improved outcomes will be an essential step to improve health care in the United States.


To read the full study, click here.






American College of Cardiology, cliexa Launch Innovative Health Monitoring Platform

The American College of Cardiology and cliexa, have collaborated through the ACC Innovation Program to launch a home health monitoring platform called cliexa-PULSE.

” cliexa-PULSE is a revolutionary app and platform that allows cardiovascular clinicians to gather information from their patients before and after visits to ensure well-being and help pivot care plans that are individually tailored to patient needs,” says Andrew M. Freeman, MD, FACC, a member of the ACC Innovation Program-cliexa Work Group. “Using the cliexa platform allows for easy EMR integration along with the ability to capture chronic care management codes resulting in efficient personalized care. Further, with the upcoming population health tool, I can follow my entire panel of patients and help those in need sooner.”

As a virtual health solution, cliexa-PULSE is designed for clinicians to track symptoms, medications, and daily activity for the management of atrial fibrillation (AFib), hypertension (HTN), congestive heart failure (CHF), and coronary artery disease (CAD). Along with remote check-in, cliexa-PULSE offers remote patient monitoring tailored to any clinical workflow and provides bulletproof compliance, documentation support and MIPS reporting metrics.

With ACC’s clinical guidance, cliexa focused on user experience, both from patient reporting and clinician population health perspectives, providing discrete data and reports real-time into the EMR systems.

Mehmet Kazgan, founder and CEO of cliexa, said, “With the clinical guidance from ACC we have been receiving while developing this platform, we have built a great foundation that can be iterated for other chronic conditions. The views and feedback from ACC’s experts in the design work group helped us further understand the real needs and challenges for cardiology patient monitoring.”

Learn more about improving care coordination and a strengthened clinician-patient partnership with ACC Innovation’s Co-developed Platform.

The American College of Cardiology envisions a world where innovation and knowledge optimize cardiovascular care and outcomes. As the professional home for the entire cardiovascular care team, the mission of the College and its 54,000 members is to transform cardiovascular care and to improve heart health. The ACC bestows credentials upon cardiovascular professionals who meet stringent qualifications and leads in the formation of health policy, standards and guidelines. The College also provides professional medical education, disseminates cardiovascular research through its world-renowned JACC Journals, operates national registries to measure and improve care, and offers cardiovascular accreditation to hospitals and institutions. For more, visit

cliexa, Integrated Virtual Care Solutions, Announces the Appointment of Robin Linker, CHC, CHCA, CPC-I, CCS-P, COC, MCS-P as an Advisory Board Member.

Robin is a leading expert in health care coding, auditing, education, and documentation nationwide. She is currently the Executive Director of Operations for the Association of Health Care Auditors and Educators and CEO of Robin Linker & Associates, a nationally known healthcare consulting firm in Colorado.

With over 30 years in healthcare, Robin provides consulting, auditing, research, and education in most areas of practice management, compliance and correct coding for teaching institutions and other large facilities to small group or single physician practices. She is credentialed through AHIMA and AAPC in both physician and facility coding, is dually certified in medical compliance, including the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA); and is a licensed instructor for AAPC and AHCAE. Robin is an author and trainer for the American Medical Association (AMA), and is triple certified in professional (physician), surgical, and risk auditing.


“I was thrilled to see the cliexa platform in action and couldn’t wait to tell my clients. Finally, an innovative solution to help our physicians digitally navigate real-time, while allowing patient participation for a scientifically evident, collaborative care approach. What could be better? Coupling patient care first while meeting highly regulated healthcare rules, cliexa has the capability to assist physicians in meeting both coding and documentation standards for a compliant medical record. This promotes accurate charge capture and reimbursement, while reducing risk of audit failure. I am honored to be a part of the cliexa Advisory Board and remain amazed at the continuous advancement of the solution based, cliexa platforms.” –Robin Linker


Robin will be providing excessive guidance on quality and compliance for cliexa’s core integrated care solutions that will adapt to multiple subspecialties as it will scale the platform to larger health systems.


“The Cliexa team is excited with the addition of Robin to our Advisory Board.  Robin’s broad experience in billing, coding, compliance and practice operations enhance our strong team with a wealth of experience, knowledge and insights.  Digital health is reframing the backend of healthcare, and cliexa is proactively amplifying our internal bench-strength to keep us on the leading edge of this transformation”.  –Dr. Gerald Maccioli, cliexa Advisory Board Chair

It's Time for a smarter ER

It’s Time for Smarter and Friendlier Emergency Departments

For patients and family members, arrival to an emergency department can be an anxiety-provoking event.  Often, those responsible for the care are distracted, potentially ignoring or discounting your needs.  In reality, the opposite is often true.  The problem, until now, there has been no effective way for emergency healthcare systems to communicate this to the people that matter the most.

Instead, when arriving to an emergency department, patients should be directly connected to hub of vital care process information.  Creating an easy-to-use, yet powerful mobile application would provide this direct interface to the healthcare system. Patients will now be informed about what steps are being taken for care, who is on the care team and provided targeted informational materials.

It is time for smarter and friendlier emergency departments.

It’s time for transparency and patient-level control. Patients are yearning for it, they expect it and medical systems are looking for ways to meet their expectations.  That’s why I decided to build a solution.

Designed by the frontline, navigatER was built to address our patient’s needs. Through a unique partnership with cliexa, navigatER harnesses the power of digital health to drive patient outcomes in real-time.

navigatER provides a backstage pass for patients accessing emergency health care services. Learn more about this exciting new solution:

cliexa, a Colorado-based digital health company, acquired, an automated surgical scheduling platform. cliexa’s end-to-end virtual health platform offers integrated clinical intake, automated documentation and remote patient monitoring solutions tailored to practices in multiple-subspecialty settings. cliexa has partnered with American College of Cardiology co-developing cardiovascular home health monitoring solutions since 2018.

“With the acquisition of ProSkedge, cliexa’s focus on actionable, meaningful and impactful patient reported outcomes now extends to the pre-clinical care portion of healthcare delivery. The integration of scheduling care enhances the patient experience and removes historic hurdles.” – Dr. Gerald Maccioli, Chairman of Advisory Board at cliexa

ProSkedge has been designed and developed by Dr Lukasz Kowalczyk, practicing gastroenterologist with over 10 years of GI and procedure experience. ProSkedge simplifies, automates, and personalizes the scheduling process for clinics and patients. With this acquisition, cliexa-ProSkedge becomes a true end-to-end platform for clinics and health systems, offering solutions from onboarding to post-procedure monitoring to patients.

“Surgical care continues to grow at a high rate and COVID has pushed care out of hospitals and into higher value ASC’s. As cliexa enables the digital delivery of care across ambulatory clinic settings, ProSkedge adds that expertise into the ASC’s and the surgical space. cliexa now offers healthcare organizations a singular, comprehensive system for high value digital transformation across the entire patient journey.” said Dr. Kowalczyk, who is now a board member at cliexa and Chief Medical Officer for GI and Surgical Automation.

Dr. Kowalczyk added, “Colon cancer screening with colonoscopy is a great example of how we can improve the journey for the patient and practice.  New colon cancer screening guidelines drop the initial screening age to 45-49.  This patient demographic, consisting of about 20M people, has shown a higher demand to manage their healthcare through a digital medium like the cliexa-ProSkedge platform.”

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