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Tune in to the Who Would Have Thought – Digital Health Podcast

cliexa’s CEO & Founder, Mehmet Kazgan, is featured in the Who Would Have Thought – Digital Health Innovation Podcast! The Who Would Have Thought – Digital Health Innovation Podcast host, Robert Niichel, CEO and Founder of SmartTab, was joined by Chief Marketing Officer, Sacha Heppell. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the value of […]

Recapping the UX & Telehealth RapidConf Event

Bene Studio RapidConf Event Recap

cliexa was a proud exhibitor for the UX & Telehealth RapidConf as a part of their COVID-19 Crisis Workshop! Joining technology leaders from around the world, our team became a part of the conversation on the importance of UX design in telehealth.

The Role of UX in Digital Health

This year has been a game changer for digital health technologies, with telehealth and telemedicine being at the forefront of every clinical practice. With the rapid deployment of technologies, it’s critical to acknowledge how user experience (UX) plays a role in a patient’s healthcare journey. Designing a user-friendly application or web interface is critical to engaging patient’s in their treatment and is where UX plays a huge role in these novel technologies. With the shift to patient-driven healthcare, there is the need to instill new habits to make interacting with the technology a part of their routine.

Our team has emphasized the importance of UX/UI design on the patient journey over the recent months. While our platform primarily gears towards clinicians and medical staff, patients must have their own intuitive interface. Check out our virtual health solution to visualize the UX design work we have implemented as healthcare goes digital.

A huge thank you to Bene Studio for having us as an exhibitor and to all of the panelists that took part in the event!

Digital Tools that Help Patients Where They Are

Digital Health at the Forefront

Over the past few days, healthcare professionals and industry leaders across the nation are suggesting that our healthcare environment is more akin to rural care than ever before. Given the state of our rural care in the United States, this proves to be challenging for healthcare systems to adopt novel technologies that curb the challenges of virtual care. With patients less likely to pursue care for major issues throughout this pandemic, digital interventions are more desirable than ever.

In a recent interview with McKinsey & Company and CVS Caremark’s president, Alan Lotvin, Mr. Lotvin highlights their shift to in-home models and nontraditional care during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the larger topics discussed was how patients and physicians are working to understand the risk of avoidable emergency department visits, and how they can effectively use digital tools, like telehealth and telemedicine, to run parts of the clinical practice. Additionally, the avoidance of care persists as a valid concern across healthcare systems, as people with comorbidities are at higher risk for severe COVID-19 complications.

Our Response

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that telehealth and telemedicine have come into the forefront of the digital health conversation. As Mr. Lotvin discussed, “telehealth and telemedicine are huge right now… I think most doctors have found that there are effective ways to run big parts of their practice.” The importance of telehealth and other digital interventions emphasizes the need for tools like cliexa in clinical practices. cliexa’s own virtual care solutions were significantly expanded in response to the needs of client clinics within weeks of the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, which integrates seamlessly into the other product offerings.

With industry leaders promoting the value of digital interventions, full-stack virtual health solutions continue to prove their long-term value in healthcare. Check out our latest blog as we discuss how the Access to Care in Rural Settings remains a challenge in the United States and continues to be an obstacle during the coronavirus pandemic.

cliexa Becomes Global Member of MATTER

As of June 2020, we are excited to become a global member of the MATTER Health Community, as a company actively working to accelerate healthcare innovation. With over 200 startups and 60+ corporate partners, the MATTER collaborative is a unique ecosystem of innovation in health and healthcare. As a member, we are equipped with a […]

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cliexa Joins StartUp Health’s Global Army of Health Transformers

As of May 2020, we are proud to announce we have joined the StartUp Health Transformer Community. Joining over 325 global innovators in the healthcare space, StartUp Health organizes and invests in healthcare entrepreneurs in a worldwide community. As a leading healthcare venture fund, their unique approach to seed funding early-stage startups has established a […]