Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

cliexa is now complete with coronavirus (COVID-19) screening functionality, designed to onboard your patients remotely, in-clinic, or for telehealth visits directly from their mobile phones. cliexa guides patients through intake flows, consent documentation, screening processes and now COVID screening which feeds directly into your EMR.

During this challenging time, cliexa is dedicated to optimizing your workflows from a distance and ensuring you gather all necessary information to provide the best level of care and safety. We have incorporated the CDC’s risk assessment guidelines into a platform that can compile data and assess the risk of each patient. 

Enabling providers to address current concerns with coronavirus and increase administrative and clinical efficiencies.

cliexa-COVID Example Risk Report

Our Platform

Full-Stack Virtual Health

Healthcare has turned upside down in the light of the coronavirus outbreak.

Patients with chronic conditions require more significant treatment and monitoring, as they are at higher risk of contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19). This has translated into a need to deliver remote care to patients, without requiring them to come into the clinic. Our virtual health platform provides tools for healthcare organizations to gather patient-reported data remotely, and assess risk and symptoms of patients. 

Remote Check-In & Intake

Rather than patients traveling to their local healthcare setting, onboard and conduct patient intake completely remote, from a smartphone or tablet.

Remote Patient Monitoring & Telehealth

Enable patients and physicians to track disease activity remotely through customized remote monitoring and telehealth programs to expand access to care in between visits.

Discrete Data Integration

Patient information discretely populates the appropriate fields in the EMR for the medical staff. This process removes unnecessary encounters among at-risk patients.

Automated CPT Code Qualification

The platform provides clear and concise documentation of medical records, ensuring reimbursements and avoiding compliance issues.

Some of the fields that can be delivered remotely and integrated into the EMR include:

Consent Documentation

Custom Screening Questions

Coronavirus Screening

Chief Complaint Questionnaire

Medical History (Family, Social)

Clinical Assessments

Patient Risk Assessments

Medication Adherence

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