Population Health Management

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Population Health Management platform

What is Population Health Management?

Population Health Management (PHM) is a program that integrates clinical, financial and operational data across a healthcare enterprise, especially in populations with chronic diseases. Health IT resources aggregate patient data across multiple specialties into one single, actionable patient record where providers can assess and utilize to improve clinical outcomes. PHM is becoming a critical aspect of healthcare organizations, large and small, in delivering value-based care while closing the gaps in the existing system. The implementation of a PHM system provides an improves access to care for patients, and promotes better patient engagement that leads to a sense of control their treatment.

How does cliexa support
PHM services?

PHM has emerged as the first step that healthcare systems are taking to improve overall care coordination between patients and physicians. cliexa utilizes PHM services by securely collecting and analyzing patient data based single or multiple disease states. The aggregate data is collected within one platform to provide a comprehensive clinical picture for providers to improve clinical outcomes and lower costs. Through the implementation of cliexa’s services, such as remote patient monitoring, users are able to manage their symptoms, track medication adherence, and interface more effectively with their doctors to receive the care they need and deserve.

Population health management software

Benefits of Advance Care Planning

Revenue Cycle Management

Empower providers in treating multiple conditions by analyzing their patient populations associated disease activities. This data, readily available at the touch of a button, leads to improved clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Optimizing Clinical Workflows

Unleash the benefits of mobile health to optimize clinical workflow through the utilization of patient reported outcomes. Patient reported data provides real-time data for in-depth analysis and accurate assessment of the patient.

Promoting Self-Care Amongst Patients

Patients have a hands-on approach to their treatment plans, resulting in improved patient engagement and adherence to their care plans. This engagement leads to improved quality of life and a sense of control over their own health.

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