Population Health Management

Provide best-in-class clinical outcomes

The Key Challenge

A Population Health Management program that integrates clinical, financial and operational data across the enterprise, especially in populations with chronic diseases.

Data Management

cliexa utilizes population health management services by securely collecting and analyzing patient data based single or multiple disease states. This data is utilized to aggregate data within one platform to provide a comprehensive clinical picture to improve clinical outcomes and lower costs.

Our best-in-class platform brings clinical, financial and operational data across the enterprise to provide actionable analytics as a supplementary tool for providers.

Improving Clinical Outcomes

cliexa empowers providers to treat multiple chronic conditions by analyzing their patient populations associated disease activities, leading to improved clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

  • Remote patient monitoring enables users to manage their symptoms, track their medication, interface more effectively with their doctors, and get the kind of help they need and deserve.
  • Patient reported outcomes provide chronic disease patients a more informed treatment plan, leading to a better quality of life.
  • More accurate tracking and assessment reduces unwarranted doctor visits, reducing costs while improving clinical outcomes.