cliexa MOD

(M)ade to (O)rder (D)ocuments

Digital forms we offer for clinics to collect patient output on the fly and feed data to EMR’s dynamically.

Health Assessment Questionnaire

Patient Intake

HIPAA Compliant

EMR Integration

Data Analytics

Quantified Symptoms

cliexa MOD quantifies your symptoms with clinically-validated scoring models.

Error Prevention

Using digital forms eliminates paper-to-digital efforts which occur through the process.

HIPAA Compliance

Removing the paper trail out of the process helps clinic staff avoid  data security issues.

EMR Integration

cliexa platform enables EMR integrations which provides time and ability to provide better clinical services.

  • cliexa’s modular architecture allows multiple chronic disease tracking with questionnaire and survey architecture.
  • We provide flexibility for clinics to build custom forms and continuous support to update for modifications.
  • We provide tablets with cliexa MOD installed with security features pre-built.
  • cliexa MOD saves significant amount of time both for patients and care teams.