Remote Patient Monitoring

Perfect solution for remotely monitoring patients and collecting valuable data.

Personalized Tracking

RPM allows healthcare providers to collect data on patients’ health status and activities on a regular basis, allowing providers to track changes and identify potential problems early. 

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cliexa-PULSE for Cardiology: Product Mockups
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Medication Adherence

With cliexa, physicians and patients are never in doubt about a patient’s treatment plan. Messages are sent at the right time, in the right way, so people can better adhere to their treatment plans, and clinicians can get back to patients in real time.

Multi-Device Monitoring

One of the challenges of RMP is that it can be difficult to manage data from multiple devices. cliexa’s technology allows healthcare providers to track data from all of a patient’s RPM devices in one place.

Multi-device monitoring can help identify patterns and trends that may not be apparent when data from a singular device is considered. Multi-device monitoring can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of RMP by enabling a holistic view.

Patient Engagement

With our care platform, clinicians can now trigger timely alerts and reminders, and can ensure patients are remotely engaged with their treatment plan.

Likewise, whenever patients miss assessments or check-ins, cliexa sends automated reminder notifications to keep patients on track.

Fatigue-less "Smart" Clinician Alerts

cliexa’s risk prediction and alerts system uses artificial intelligence to understand patients’ vital signs and notifies clinicians when the data is abnormal or indicating a risk. The system monitors data from multiple sources, including wearables, medical devices, assessments, and electronic health records.

By analyzing this data, cliexa can identify patterns that indicate risk and alert your care team.

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Mockup of a physician using an EMR displaying a cliexa PULSE report