Our platform enables physicians and hospitals to fully leverage patient-reported data to improve clinical care and outcomes while maximizing reimbursement

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Unleashing the Power of

Patient-Reported Data

Unleashing the Power of Patient-Reported Data

With cliexa, healthcare providers can seamlessly leverage clinically validated scoring and assessment models and incorporate patient-reported data into EMR systems

Digital Forms

Quickly transform your patient intake process into fully reimbursable screening tools

EMR Integration

HIPAA compliant integration services platform pushes patient-reported data to EMR patient charts and records real-time

Remote Patient Monitoring

Patients can report their disease activity and medication adherence data using their phones

Quality Reports

Customized patient-reported data feeds to your MIPS Quality Reporting Tables within EMR’s.

The Problem

Ineffective tools and cumbersome implementation have kept physicians and hospitals from fully leveraging and realizing the clinical and financial benefits of patient-reported data.

  • Physicians have many concerns about how the lack of patient data impedes care coordination.

  • Providers are not taking full advantage of payer reimbursements.

  • Providers lack the cost justification, IT support, and time to implement and integrate sophisticated patient tracking and assessment tools with EMR and billing.

Our Solution

Our applications and platform are easily customized to address specific requirements of chronic care management and reimbursement, while removing financial and IT-integration barriers.

  • Patient reported outcomes provide a reliable, objective way to quantify disease activity over time.

  • Our solutions do not require an up-front investment, and are easily implemented almost immediately.

  • The platform will integrate compliance for reimbursement with up-to-date billing and coding processing in chronic care management.

“This will be a great tool because we’re asked to do all sorts of things during a physical exam and this way you can do it quickly with more information.”

Lisa Turner, MDUCHealth Longmont Clinic

“cliexa can help patients become strong advocates of their care.”

David J. Silverman, MDRheumatologist, Kaiser Permanente

“I can spend more time actually counselling the patients and talking to them and providing education and guidance versus just questioning them.”

Amy Jochims, MDNorth Colorado Family Medicine

“cliexa platform allows physicians to stay in constant contact with patients.”

Katherine S. Richardson, MDPediatrician, Kaiser Permanente

“cliexa platform makes electronic health records and documentation more efficient.”

Robert Spencer, MDColorado Arthritis Center

“Software capabilities and inventiveness of cliexa are quite impressive toward development of better methods for symptom tracking and medication adherence.”

Ted Pincus, MDRush University Medical Center

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