Intake Solutions

When it comes to onboarding your patients, you need intake solutions that are both efficient and thorough. That’s why our intake solutions are fully customizable and connect data for real-time bi-directional integration with EMRs.

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Our intake solution will help you get a better understanding of your patient in seconds so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Quick Connect to EMR
Personalized Assessments
Patient Profile and Risk-Driven Workflow Creation
A Complete Picture of Your Patient
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Quick Connect to EMR

cliexa’s EMR integration solution facilitates the quick and easy management of patient health information. It enables the secure exchange of data between different health care providers, which leads to more coordinated and efficient care.

Quick connect allows you to easily share your health information with your care team via EMR, so everyone is on the same page.

Personalized Assessments

We enable you to create custom assessments for each patient, making care unique and effective.

Our platform maps the disease and treatment plan for each patient, and recommends the next best objective step for the patient to take based on data.

These steps are tailored to match the individual’s unique needs based on subspecialty and results of personalized assessments.

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Patient Profile and Risk-Driven Workflow Creation

cliexa’s patient profile-based and risk-driven workflow helps you quickly and easily identify patient risk factors.

By entering patient information into our system, you can generate a detailed report that includes an overview of the patient’s medical history, current medications, and other important factors.

This report can then be used to guide your decisions about treatment options and risk management.

We enable...

Patient Diagnostic Profile

The patient profile is an important tool in healthcare, as it allows providers to see a patient’s entire history at a glance.

cliexa constructs patient diagnostic profiles with data gathered from multiple data sources for care providers to access well-rounded insightful data about their patients. 

Population Health Dashboard

Our data analytics tools help effectively manage and make sense of the vast amounts of data contained within EMRs.

cliexa is capable of producing specialized reports for any subset of your population and deliver analytics directly to your care team through an easy-to-use and understand population health dashboard.

Medication Reconciliation

cliexa collects a complete list of all the medications that a patient is currently taking. This includes prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements. Once we have a list, we compare it to the medication list in the patient’s medical record and fix discrepencies.