Predictive Risk Modeling with AI

cliexa makes it easy for physicians to predict risk and make better decisions for their patients.

Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

Proactively identify and prevent avoidable Risk

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Early Detection of opioid Use Disorder

The cliexa AI technology enables healthcare providers to predict the risk of opioid addiction early and reduce the associated cost of treatment.

cliexa focuses on Predictive Models that can predict risk of development of Opioid use disorders. Algorithms are trained with precision data to predict these risk factors with high levels of accuracy.

Increase patient well-being and satisfaction

When opioids are prescribed to patients who are at high risk, the patient is likely to discontinue the treatment. This leads to poor treatment compliance and poor treatment outcomes.

By predicting risk factors, we can ensure that patients who are at high risk are dissuaded from using opioids. This leads to increased patient satisfaction, improved outcomes, and decreased healthcare costs.

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Eliminating the human fallacy from healthcare

Even the best doctors have limitations in capacity and time. Our AI platform is designed to benefit from these human limitations and enhance cognition by complementing physicians’ expertise.

Our AI algorithms help doctors identify patients at risk of  Opioid Use Disorder with 6 different algorithms carefully designed to account for all possible risk variations- allowing clinicians to intervene more quickly and appropriately.