cliexa Integrated Care Solutions

cliexa is a platform that helps healthcare professionals visualize patient-reported data to generate real-world insights that fuel innovation and positive patient outcomes.

Gain a complete picture of your patient.
Customized Patient Onboarding

Patients will complete all registration information on a smartphone or tablet from the comfort of their homes or in the waiting room.The information discretely populates the appropriate fields and buckets in the electronic medical record (EMR) for the medical staff.

  • Features
    Remote Check-In
    Reimbursement-Driven, Custom Screeners
    Consent Forms
    Claims Data Integration
    Personalized Assessments
    Quick Connect to EMR
Mockup of iphone and ipad with an example patient onboarding flow
mockup cliexa devices
Connecting data for real-time bi-directional integration with EMRs.

cliexa’s EMR integration solution facilitates the quick and easy management of patient health information. It enables the secure exchange of data between different health care providers, which leads to more coordinated and efficient care.

Quick connect allows you to easily share your health information with your care team via EMR so everyone is on the same page.

  • Features
    Patient Diagnostic Profile
    Discrete Data Outputs
    Medication Reconciliation
    Population Health Dashboards
Accelerate your time-to-insight.
Integrated Reporting

With integration into the electronic medical record (EMR), patient-reported outcomes data is compiled and analyzed in real-time to the patient’s chart. This data assists providers by responding more efficiently to changes in baseline metrics, so their patients will have a more targeted and timely treatment, potentially resulting in fewer complications.

    Interoperability of Clinical Data from Other Providers
    Subspecialty Agnostic Risk Reporting
    Auto-Generated Progress Notes
    Telehealth Modules

Physicians need an automated process that can quickly categorize the nature of the visit, which is offered with our coding compliance programming. With cliexa, ensure efficient  data collection while enhancing clinical workflows and billing practices.

    Policy-Based Risk Reports
    Coding Qualification for Billing
    MIPS & Quality Reporting Support
    Workflow Updates for Claims Denials
Remote Patient and Therapeutic Monitoring

Personalized tracking

Track patient progress in real-time with customized interventions, alerts, and assessments.

Patient Engagement

Trigger timely alerts and reminders to ensure patients are engaged with their treatment plan. Send automated reminder notifications to keep patients on track.

Medication Adherence

Note and keep track of all medications on the app. Get notified about all medications through your smartphone.

Multi-device monitoring

Track data from various RPM devices and data sources all in one place to enable co-morbidity monitoring.

Clinician Alerts

Risk prediction and alerts system uses artificial intelligence to understand patients' vital signs and notifies clinicians when the data is abnormal or indicates a risk.


Secure video and audio connection with your healthcare providers from the comfort of your home.

+ Artificial Intelligence

Get more out of your data.



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