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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an overwhelming demand for clinicians to remotely care for their patients. We are committed to supporting our clients needs with advanced, remote care functionalities that enable providers to treat and monitor patients, without requiring them to come into the clinic.

Remote Care & Virtual Health Tools
for Your Medical Practice

cliexa® is a software platform designed to facilitate health care services through the use of remote, mobile technologies and maximize clinical efficiency. Through a secure, mobile platform, cliexa enables physicians and admins leverage integrated data to learn more about your patients and deliver tools to optimize your delivery of care. Available directly from the athenahealth Marketplace.

Remote Check-In & Intake

Rather than patients traveling to their local healthcare setting, onboard and conduct patient intake completely remote, from a smartphone or tablet.

Discrete Data Integration

Patient information discretely populates the appropriate fields in the athenahealth EMR for the medical staff. This process removes unnecessary encounters among at-risk patients and medical staff.

Automated Billing Code Qualification & Documentation

The platform provides clear and concise documentation of medical records, which maximizes reimbursements for providers without dealing with compliance issues.

Remote Patient Monitoring & Telehealth Solutions

Enable patients and physicians to track disease activity remotely through customized remote monitoring and telehealth programs to expand access to care in between visits.

cliexa Devices with athenahealth EMR

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Frequently asked questions

cliexa® aims to improve quality of care, clinical workflow, income generation, time spent with patients and reduce liability concerns. This is achieved through the utilization of patient-reported outcomes and implementing customized intake, screening, and remote monitoring tools that fit their clinical setting.

Consent forms, ROS, medical history, social history can be streamlined into the athenahealth EMR from the patient’s home or in the waiting room. This function will close the gap in clerical errors and serve as a safety net for when a provider forgets to elicit additional questions from the patient during the encounter or enter it into their notes

Patients avoid unnecessary, costly visits to the hospital, or emergency room. In the short term, providers and patients can reduce exposure to infectious disease, such as COVID-19. Medical practices gain more opportunity to collect intake before patient arrives reducing workflow issues. 

Number of physicians or users

In order to assess anticipated patient volume, we require users to enter the # of providers in their practice.

Number of devices required

In order to assess device management requirements, we need # of devices required.

Devices include: tablets for front desk, tablets for exam rooms, and any additional devices that want to be used.

Identify a test patient for setup

For staff training purposes and to test file and data delivery

Identify a test patient department

For staff training purposes and to test file and data delivery