cliexa ROI Calculator

Whether you are a primary care provider or a clinic, having a resource that will determine your potential reimbursements is key when adopting new tools into your workflow. With cliexa, we provide a customizable ROI calculator for Medicare so you can see the value we bring to your practice. For Average Time Saved, the statistics from our cliexa-RA Case Study were used including the following:

  • 2.6 minutes on average saved per patient filling out forms
  • 3.85 minutes on average saved per physician per patient transcribing data
  • The average reimbursed by Medicare for CCM is $41.14 per patient per 20 minutes spent remotely monitoring the patient
  • All calculations assume that the clinic/practice is open 20 days out of the month, accounting for holidays and weekends.
  • Yearly return assumes the cost of cliexa is $10 per month and $0.99 per patient with 1 entry per month. This is deducted from the total amount reimbursed by Medicare by year.

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*Patients must fit the parameters of CCM for Medicare
**The minimum Collection % is 80% (maximum 20% billed to patient)



Average Time Saved Filling out Forms by Patients

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Average Time Saved on Transcription of Data by Physicians

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Financial Reimbursements

Daily Reimbursement by Medicare:
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Yearly Return on Investment

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