Hospitals and Health Systems

cliexa dedicates itself to improving the healthcare of millions by transforming how nurses and doctors collect, aggregate, analyze and deliver patient data for improved clinical decision-making.

Administrative Challenges

Overwhelming challenges faced by clinicians and health systems.

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regulatory compliance

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reporting quality measures to
Medicare and Medicaid Clients

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Medical staff time spent with paper processes

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Of mistakes made in
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Understanding the Challenges

Patient’s are the top priority, but too often clinicians find themselves dealing with:

Cumbersome & limited patient intake processes

Less time for providers with patients during visits

EMR Integration challenges with relevant patient-reported data

Regulatory requirements & compliance challenges

Leading to Provider Burnout
Problem of Unstructured Data

In healthcare, more than any other industry, data means nothing without context. cliexa helps clinicians investigate the context in real-time to support their decision-making and become true stewards of their patients’ health.

Tackling Provider Burnout

By automating data collection and making claims processing more efficient, cliexa frees up clinicians’ time so they can focus on what matters most: providing quality patient care.

By having all of this information at their fingertips, clinicians can provide better care by being able to focus on the individualized needs of each patient. Not only does this make the clinician’s jobs easier, but it also improves patient outcomes.

Data Deserts to Data Oasis

The disfunctional data deserts within the EHR inhibit clinical workflow and negatively impact efficiency. cliexa solves these daily EMR shortcomings by empowering healthcare providers with the right data at the right time directly within the workflow of the EMR, freeing up cognitive space. Hence, giving physicians the ability to fully focus on patients.

Customer Outcomes


Increase in Revenue


Decrease in Visit Cancellations

10 Min

Time Savings Per Visit Per Provider

+ Increase Revenue
As a physician, you need an automated process that can quickly categorize the nature of each patient visit. cliexa offers coding compliance programming to help you do just that, efficiently collecting data while enhancing clinical workflows and billing practices.

Policy-based risk reports, coding qualification for billing, MIPS & quality reporting support, and workflow updates for claim denials are just a few of the ways cliexa can help improve your practice.