Embracing Digital Health to Maximize Compliance and Reimbursement



Clinical Excellence

An evidence-based platform that integrates digital health into clinical settings

A graphic visualizing the flow of data from Digital Intake and Remote Monitoring Process into EMR

Digital Intake

(In clinic)

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Integration


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

(Away from clinic)

Modularity is key to interoperability.

We’ve simplified the data collection process so that all entities involved in the continuum of care can benefit from clinical mobility.

Medical History

Easily pull data from multiple EMRs and maintain medical history with a multi-directional flow of data from various healthcare entities.

Consent Forms

Automate the consent form process upon intake via tablet or mobile phone and eliminate the need for paper documentation.

Clinical Assessments

Enable your customized digital library of clinically validated assessments to enhance clinical mobility and gather quality patient-reported data directly into your EMR.

Connected Device Data

Through API connectivity, patients can sync up their IoT and wearable tools, such as digitally enabled medical devices and mobile health trackers, to deliver valuable, real-time data into their electronic medical record.

Payor Claims Data

By enabling online payor accounts through the cliexa platform, interoperability is achieved by synchronizing hospital and patient data through a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure.

Medication Adherence

With push notifications, remind patients to adhere to their medication and continue communication through quick assessments.