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What are Digital Forms?

Digital Forms are general patient intake forms that have been digitized to be filled out remotely or in the clinic by patients on a phone or tablet. This process of using a secure, HIPAA compliant platform to input sensitive patient information is taking healthcare by storm as a simple solution to a larger issue of securely storing data. Digital intake can lead to higher clinical efficiency with less time being spent filling out forms and more time treating the patient.

How does cliexa provide Digital Intake services?

Most digital intake services provide systems the ability to digitize existing forms, which are then sent to the provider to input directly into the EMR system. cliexa offers a solution that bypasses this unnecessary step and inputs the data directly into the patients existing EMR system. With our clinically validated assessment library, cliexa can provide disease activity scoring to hundreds of assessments that systems are already using and feed the data directly into patients’ medical records. For providers that want the forms to be customized, cliexa can modify forms to your preferences to create a simple and quick intake process for new and existing patients.

How does cliexa support Chronic Care Management services?

Benefits of Digital Forms

Optimize Clinical Workflows

Unleash the benefits of mobile health to optimize clinical workflow through the implementation of RPM services. Patient reported data eases the intake process while providing real-time data for accurate assessment of the patient.

Painless EMR Integration

Instead of wasting physician and patient time filling out documents in the clinic, utilize digital forms to send discrete data directly to the EMR system through the cliexa platform. Using digital forms eliminates the paper-to-digital efforts and administrative errors that are bound to occur.

Medical Billing Compliance

Optimize the medical billing process through our HIPAA compliant platform to reduce audit and billing compliance issues. Avoid data security issues by removing paper from the complex billing process, and allow data to be digitally available for analytical purposes.

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