Activate Patient Data to Kickstart Your

Value-Based Care Transformation

Before Visit

Register and onboard patients in-clinic or remotely.

During Visit

Document the nature of the visit and categorize health risk.


Automate billing and coding qualification and documentation.

Between Visits

Expand access with remote monitoring and telehealth


Patient Onboarding

Patients will complete all registration information on a smartphone or tablet from the comfort of their homes or in the waiting room.The information discretely populates the appropriate fields and buckets in the electronic medical record (EMR) for the medical staff including:

Mockup of iphone and ipad with an example patient onboarding flow


Clinical Documentation

With integration into the electronic medical record (EMR), patient-reported outcomes data is compiled and analyzed in real-time to the patient’s chart. This data assists providers by responding more efficiently to changes in baseline metrics, so their patients will have a more targeted and timely treatment, potentially resulting in fewer complications. 


Revenue Cycle Management

Physicians need an automated process that can quickly categorize the nature of the visit, which is offered with our coding compliance programming. With cliexa, ensure efficient  data collection while enhancing clinical workflows and billing practices.

cliexa-PULSE for Cardiology: Connected Device Data (iPhone Mockups)


Remote Patient Monitoring & Telehealth

Track patients remotely withh clinically validated assessments with automated disease activity scores, while tapping into wearable devices for real-time data. These wearables provide actionable data that otherwise could go undetected through general patient reported outcomes, and can lead to an improved patient satisfaction with their overall care.

"The transition to a digital patient intake has given us more opportunities to help our patients than we had envisioned... Our patients have spent less time in the waiting room with more time delegated to their doctor visit."
Eric Seyler
CEO, Anderson Medical Center

Fall in Love with Our Features

Subspecialty Focused Assessments

Choose from our library of assessments for patient-reported outcomes (PRO’s) or use your own.

Integrated Compliance Workflows

Streamlining the documentation aspect via integration with EMR for audit protection and compliance.

HIPAA-Compliant EMR Integration

Integrate real-time patient data into the electronic medical record (EMR), in-clinic or remote.

Automated Billing Code Output

Easily categorize the nature of the visit and automate the billing code qualification and documentation.

Custom Remote Patient Monitoring

Easy-to-use, custom remote patient monitoring tools per subspecialty

IoT and Wearable Device Data

Patients can sync up their IoT and wearable devices to deliver valuable, real-time data to providers.

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cliexa collects Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) through clinically validated assessments, customized to the preference of the clinic/care facility, remotely taken by patients prior to their visit with a physician