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What are Evaluation & Management Services?

Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services, or E/M Coding, is a medical coding process to support medical billing processes. The three main components to E/M services are history, exam, and medical decision making, which cover Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) CPT codes for new and established patient visits. The documentation of medical records is crucial for medical compliance and helps physicians or other health care professionals evaluate patients accurately to provide optimal treatment plans. E/M services streamline the billing process while maintaining compliant to properly document care plans.

How does cliexa support E/M services?

Evaluation and Management services are critical in medical compliance, with documentation being one of the most sensitive and often misunderstood aspects of healthcare. cliexa eases the process of documentation, for patients and physicians, by pushing completed assessments and necessary forms directly to the existing EMR system. The platform provides clear and concise documentation of medical records, which maximizes reimbursements for providers without needing to spend time on compliance issues. This enables providers to spend more time doing what they are meant to do: spend time with their patients and provide the highest quality of care for them.

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Benefits of Evaluation & Management Services

Maximizing Reimbursements

With the release of new CPT codes, E/M services can be reimbursed if they fall under the specific parameters. Through cliexa, reimbursements are maximized through the automated documentation process where all data is sent directly to the EMR system.

More Secure Documentation

Utilize a HIPAA compliant platform to follow CMS E/M guidelines in the documentation process with clinically validated assessments. These assessments provide accurate scoring that physicians can use to provide a higher quality of care for patients.

Medical Billing

Optimize the medical billing process through our HIPAA compliant platform to reduce audit and billing compliance issues. Minimize risk and reduce denials with the our screener logic built-in to the intake process.

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