Preventative Care Management

Promoting Self-Care Among Patient Populations

Preventive care management

What is Preventative Care Management?

Preventative Care Management (PCM) is the care received by patients to prevent further health issues. This prevention includes counseling, screenings, and immunizations to reduce the risk of specific diseases or illnesses. A core aspect of PCM is educating patients on why prevention is important and some possible steps they can take to lead a healthier lifestyle. The topics of PCM include alcohol and substance use, mental health resiliency, and sexual risk for populations at a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections and diseases. With the widespread availability of mobile devices, patient education and engagement are readily available to patients through the implementation of digital healthcare. 

How does cliexa support
PCM services?

Preventative Care Management services allow providers to deliver value-based care to patients with the hopes of reducing hospitalizations and complications. The cliexa platform enables PCM through the daily tracking of lifestyle habits for patients, allowing providers to proactively respond to changes in treatment plans. The modular platform is customizable to patient and provider preferences, with the opportunity to select from a library of clinically validated assessments to obtain clinical scores in real-time.

Preventative care management

Benefits of Preventative Care Management

Maximizing Reimbursements

With the release of new CPT codes, preventative care management can be reimbursed if specific parameters are fulfilled. Through cliexa, reimbursements are maximized through the ease and automated documentation of the platform.

Improving Patient Engagement

Unleash the benefits of mobile health to optimize clinical workflow through the implementation of PCM services. Patient-reported data eases the intake process while providing real-time data to optimize treatment plans.

Medical Billing

Optimize the medical billing process through our HIPAA compliant platform to reduce audit and billing compliance issues. Minimize risk and reduce denials with the latest coding guidelines.

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