Remote Patient Monitoring

Interactive Patient Engagement Technology

What is remote patient monitoring?

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is an aspect of patient engagement technology that enables the monitoring of patient’s health outside of a clinical setting. An RPM system provides increased access to care for patients, while serving as a reimbursement opportunity for providers that adopt the use of mobile devices in healthcare. RPM in chronic care management has proven to improve quality of life while leading to actionable changes made to treatment plans. Mobile technology has come to the forefront of modern healthcare through interactive and dynamic patient engagement, enabling your practice to deliver a higher quality of care with real-time patient-reported outcomes.

How does cliexa support
RPM services?

RPM services allow patients to send personal healthcare data from their phones and tablets to their providers, covering a range of conditions and complications with their ongoing treatment. cliexa empowers this trend with clinically validated assessments and automated disease activity scores, while tapping into wearable devices for real-time data. These wearables provide actionable data that otherwise would go undetected through general patient-reported outcomes, and can lead to an improved patient satisfaction with their overall care.

How does remote patient monitoring work with cliexa

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

Maximizing Reimbursements

With the release of new CPT codes, remote patient monitoring services can be reimbursed if they fall under the specific parameters. Through cliexa, reimbursements are maximized through the ease of the platform and automated documentation process.

Optimizing Clinical Workflows

Unleash the benefits of mobile health to optimize clinical workflow through the implementation of RPM services. Patient-reported data eases the intake process while providing real-time data for accurate assessment of the patient.

Medical Billing

Optimize the medical billing process through our HIPAA compliant platform to reduce audit and billing compliance issues. Minimize risk and reduce denials with the latest coding guidelines.

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