Improving Patient Engagement with Virtual Visits

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is described as the delivery and facilitation of health care services through the use of remote mobile technologies. These services include medical care, provider and patient education, health information tools, and self care via telecomm and digital communication technologies. Telehealth is comprised of four primary mechanisms that enable remote care delivery: mobile health, video conferencing, remote patient monitoring (RPM), and a “store and forward” electronic transmission of data and documentation.

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How does cliexa support

We are committed to providing healthcare organizations with the tools they need to deliver effective, quality care through virtual means. To get the most out of your clinical workflow, the cliexa ecosystem allows third-party telehealth applications to complement and integrate with our platform. Remote patient monitoring, home care, and telehealth have been gaining traction in healthcare as a means to enhance the patient-provider experience. By leveraging telehealth, providers can improve patient outcomes, and prevent costly hospital stays and unplanned visits to the emergency room.

Benefits of Telehealth

Expanded Access
to Care

Allow your patients to visit a provider via video on mobile app and video through secure, telehealth integration.

Automate Patient Intake

Simplify the documentation and data collection process with remote registration, check-in, and pre-screening.​​

Reduce Cost, Increase Revenue

Avoid the unnecessary, high costs of emergency department visits or urgent care centers, and see more patients by virtual visits.

Improve Clinical Workflows

cliexa will discretely integrate each aspect of the clinical forms into the electronic medical record.

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