Advance Care Planning

Plan for the future.

cliexa’s Advance Care Planning assists patients and providers in making more informed decisions about the future of their long-term treatment plans if the state of their health adversely affects his/her decision-making abilities.

Preparing for the Unexpected

cliexa improves doctor and patient behavior by better informing both of what’s working and what needs adjusting on an ongoing basis, creating a better understanding of and more confidence in recommended changes to the treatment plan. This understanding translates into a more rewarding doctor and patient experience — and ultimately, better outcomes.

cliexa enables patients to take action in their treatment plan to prepare in case of need for advance care planning. In the event a patient suffers health complications that adversely affect his/her decision-making abilities, physicians are informed of the patients’ wishes moving forward with treatment.

cliexa’s suite enables providers to deliver value-based care which translates to significant cost savings.

A Better Quality of Life

cliexa empowers people suffering from chronic disease so they can easily track their condition, seek help and navigate medications.

  • cliexa can help chronic disease patients manage their symptoms, track their medication, interface more effectively with their doctors and get the kind of help they need and deserve.
  • Better managed care gives chronic disease patients a better quality of life.
  • More accurate tracking and assessment reduces unwarranted doctor visits, saving time and money.