Preventative Care Management

A higher quality of care for patients and providers

cliexa Preventative Care Management assists providers in tracking patients lifestyle habits and enables them to respond more quickly to new data to prevent further issues in their treatment plans.

Improved Screening & Monitoring

cliexa suite of products enables providers to deliver remote care to prevent further issues that occur outside of scheduled visits.

cliexa uses multiple assessment models to screen and monitor patients remotely to avoid problems further alongside treatment plans, which will result in improved patient and clinician experiences.

cliexa improves doctor and patient behavior by better informing both of ongoing issues and what needs adjusting on an ongoing basis. This process establishes a better understanding of treatment plans and avoids conflict within the relationship at appointments.

Alcohol & Substance Monitoring

cliexa enables physicians to track past alcohol and substance abuse and rehabilitation in sensitive cases where this information is vital.

  • cliexa provides the screening potential to assist physicians in handling screening of patients viable for specific treatments and adherence to their rehabilitation plans.
  • More accurate screening and assessment models reduce unwarranted doctor visits, saving time and money.

Sexual Risk Assessment Model

The cliexa platforms’ designed for rapid and efficient assessment of high-risk sexual behavior.

  • The OPTIONS App, from 2016 Prime Health finalist Preventative Technology Solutions, is a series of questions completed by patients age 15 – 24 years and quickly administered before primary or reproductive care appointments
  • The app creates an instant report using an innovative, research-based algorithm identifying six levels of sexual risk.
  • Risk assessment includes youth interested in new sexual boundaries after having initiated sexual activity.

Holistic Screening

cliexa platforms provide screening for mental health resiliency and substance use through structured reporting outcomes.

  • Better risk assessment improves primary care counseling sessions by maximizing the crucial minutes’ health care providers have with patients
  • Better risk assessments for adolescents and young single adults improve health care services and lower costs associated with managed care