cliexa Partners with Lucem Health to bring its Opioid Use Disorder Prediction Platform to the Point of Care

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Denver, CO – cliexa announces a strategic partnership with Lucem Health providing expert support and an innovative platform to help deploy and commercialize cliexa’s Opioid Use Disorder Prediction Platform in clinical settings.


Pain management teams must overcome significant complexity to deliver effective clinical care to opioid patients, including, managing the interplay of multiple, chronic medical conditions, behavioral health issues, and intricate medication management. This onerous process places unnecessarily high cognitive loads-on clinicians that increase the risk of burnout.


cliexa platform empowers pain management teams with the right data, at the right time, directly within the workflow of electronic medical records, freeing up clinic staff’s cognitive space, and enabling clinicians to make the best choice for the patient sitting in front of them.    


cliexa recently completed Mayo Clinic Platform-Accelerate and announced its Opioid Use Disorder Prediction Model trained with de-identified patient data provided by the Mayo Clinic Platform. cliexa also worked with technology experts from Google to ensure the highest standards of transparency and minimize bias.


cliexa and Lucem Health will work together and identify technical enablement and commercialization processes as well as anticipated ROI for cliexa’s predictive model in clinical settings. Lucem Health will assist cliexa by adding further insights to end users, taking cliexa’s AI model, and putting it in context for the appropriate end users.


“Right after our recent launch of Opioid Use Disorder Machine Learning Algorithms, Lucem Health partnership will be further verification of our platform, especially for commercialization stage and improve our delivery with industry experts. We feel extremely lucky and excited for this partnership opportunity.” Said, Mehmet Kazgan, Founder and CEO of cliexa.


“The Innovation Collaborative helps AI/ML and Digital Health innovators create, deploy, and commercialize clinical AI solutions that transform care,” says Sean Cassidy, CEO, Lucem Health. “Our partnership with cliexa is further testament of our continually growing partner network, and the wealth of possibilities it provides to our customers.”

“We are very pleased to see cliexa, the graduate of the first Accelerate cohort, receive support from Lucem, a Mayo Clinic Platform portfolio company,” says Eric Harnisch, vice president, Partner Programs, Mayo Clinic Platform.


About cliexa:

cliexa, Denver-based digital health firm, developed an end-to-end virtual health platform that provides clinicians a complete understanding of real-time patient data. cliexa removes the barriers and inaccuracies in data collection, empowering clinicians to provide personalized care. cliexa partnered with industry-leading organizations like Mayo Clinic and the American College of Cardiology to validate its patented technology powered by AI to change patients’ lives.

About Lucem Health:

Lucem Health™, launched with Mayo Clinic along with investing partners Commure (a General Catalyst company) and Rally Ventures, empowers healthcare visionaries to quickly bring AI-powered insights to the point of care. Digital health innovators develop transformative clinical solutions and advance them from the bench to the bedside to the front lines of healthcare on a single integration platform. Visionary clinical leaders deploy novel data and insights seamlessly into clinical workflows while ensuring that clinicians trust, adopt, and see value in them. For more information, visit

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