Awarded Colorado Advanced Industries Grant for Cardiovascular, Home-Health Monitoring

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cliexa was granted the Colorado Advanced Industries Award by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT)’s Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant Program!

The Colorado OEDIT Advanced Industries Early-Stage Capital and Retention Grant is designed to support early-stage start-ups that have created viable products that meet a market need and are created or manufactured in Colorado. These grants enhance the commercialization of advanced industry services locally and serve as a platform to market the product elsewhere. The program provides equity-free capital for these companies to bring their innovations to the market.

Our proposed project, in collaboration with the American College of Cardiology, is to expand the cliexa-PULSE home-health monitoring platform and further develop a predictive risk model for cardiovascular disease. The cliexa-PULSE platform streamlines data collection, analysis, and real-time monitoring of patients with chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure, hypertension, and atrial fibrillation. As a result, it aids providers in supervising and improving the adherence of their patients to respective treatment and preventative care plans. This machine-learning algorithm would expand upon our existing deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) model for opiate risk, which is already validated at an integrated pain clinic, and instead be reconfigured to analyze for risk of cardiovascular disease. The iterative analysis of the algorithm will shift the weights to create an objective risk model for cardiovascular disease.

Our innovative approach aligns with the mission of the Colorado OEDIT to “expand Colorado’s vital innovation ecosystem where this very innovation drives economic growth,” as stated by Katie Woslager Advanced Industries Senior Manager. Applying our existing structure, we will work with a team of cardiologists at the American College of Cardiology to identify key metrics of predictive risk analysis. With this approach and support by the Colorado OEDIT, our home-health monitoring platform is designed and driven by leading experts in the cardiovascular space.

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