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In a recent announcement, we teased our upcoming Adolescent Resiliency and Wellness Webinar with cliexa-OPTIONS. We are excited to announce this webinar is now live! Join Lisa Rue, PhD & Senior Advisor at cliexa, for Part I of our cliexa-OPTIONS Webinar Series featuring a discussion on assessing adolescent risk and resiliency in modern healthcare.

The Webinar Series

Part I of our cliexa-OPTIONS Webinar Series covers the impact of virtual screening tools in healthcare and how practitioners can leverage resiliency factors with their adolescent patients. More than ever, maintaining the continuum of mental health in adolescents is top priority for clinicians. Through proper utilization, digital health tools provide valuable insight into adolescents’ mindset and mental health.

In this webinar, Dr. Rue takes a deep dive into how promoting resiliency in adolescents can lead to improved mental health and prevention of risky behaviors. Our proprietary OPTIONS assessment, co-developed with the National Mental Health Institute of Colorado, quantifies this resiliency and provides clinicians a measurable insight into adolescent resiliency and wellness.

The cliexa-OPTIONS Platform

Our cliexa-OPTIONS solution assesses adolescent risk and resiliency to provide pediatric, primary, and family care practitioners a thorough view of their patient’s health. The OPTIONS Model is designed for youth and young adults and measures 6 dimensions of supportive factors through a set of 22 questions proven to increase supportive factors. With the continuum of care shifting to virtual interventions, having a digital tool to connect with adolescents in real-time is extremely important. One of our pilot site leads added onto this notion by stating, “[patients] feel safer disclosing more personal and relevant information about their mental health, sexual activity, and overall well-being.”

The modular application structure of cliexa-OPTIONS supports implementation across a wide variety of care settings. As one of our clinicians through the University of Northern Colorado shared, “when clients have the option to disclose information through a virtual platform this informs the counselor of various topics the client may feel uncomfortable bringing up in session.” We have seen great success in both family medicine practices and primary care locations, while venturing into non-clinical settings that have an immediate impact on adolescents.

Watch the Webinar

Tune in to learn more about how cliexa-OPTIONS solution assesses adolescent risk and resiliency! If you are interested in piloting cliexa-OPTIONS in your practice, Contact Us at the link provided for more information.

Click Here to register and download Part I of this Webinar Series!

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