Quality Improvement during a Pandemic: How cliexa Empowers Actionable Data Delivery

Quality Improvement during a Pandemic: How cliexa empowers actionable data delivery

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In a recent webinar, Dr. Maccioli, an advisor to the board at Quick’rCare Quality, discussed the cause and effect of COVID-19 from the healthcare workforce perspective. Gerald Maccioli, MD, was the former Chief Quality Officer at Envision Healthcare and an innovative healthcare leader serving for over 30 years. Maccioli’s goal is to effectively deliver quality healthcare to all patients, regardless of their entry point into the system, while protecting non-COVID-19 positive patients and our healthcare workforce. In the webinar, Maccioli highlighted companies like cliexa, who already provide “automated patient entered data quality reporting; that’s what we need to get to.”

He notes, now more than ever, “there is a need for partners in the tech world to give the world a foundation of automated and trusted information acquisition.” The need for digital, remote patient care is more critical now than ever. cliexa’s platform solution leverages flexible technology to create custom workflows to enhance efficiency and tailored data gather. Our clients have implemented cliexa across subspecialty clinics including pain management, pediatrics, family medicine, cardiovascular and emergency medicine. cliexa’s platform can accommodate varying workflows based on chief complaint, appointment type and payor-specific needs.

cliexa is committed to increase access to care—especially in times of crisis. Today we are striving to optimize the patient experience by remaining at the forefront of digital health and efficiently connecting patient reported data to clinical teams in order to improve outcomes.

Watch the webinar with Dr. Maccioli below:



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