Telehealth is a Two-Way Street

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Clinics and hospitals have substantially reduced in-person visits to reduce potential COVID-19 exposure, the result? Telehealth solutions have become near-essential and their adoption rapidly accelerated. When we look back at the last major digital transformation for the health industry: the adoption of Electronic Medical records (EMR), digitizing the medical field comes with the intention of proficiency, but this can result in growing pains. Digital integration was implemented with the intention of reducing time and overhead connected to administrative duties and paperwork, but that shift has also resulted in one of the leading causes of physician burnout.

“As the flow of data from virtual visits, remote monitoring devices, and wearables increases, we must be sure providers don’t shoulder the cognitive burden of swiveling among even more screens and data feeds to manage patient care. It’s critical for data to be brought together on a unifying platform, where providers and staff have a “single pane” view of the patient journey. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and voice technologies play crucial roles in reducing documentation burden by quickly filtering and surfacing the most useful and relevant data for understanding the patient story and delivering the right care.” –Ashwini Zenooz, MD

Virtual healthcare platform solutions are here to stay, but the way data is managed in these processes creates different clinical efficiency impacts. Integrating patient-reported data into actionable insights requires more than a simple digital intake platform. cliexa has created tailored workflow solutions focused on quality reporting and billing data that seamlessly integrate into EMR systems.

Over a third of medical practitioners report burnout symptoms and more than half are due to the global health crisis. Finding the right virtual health platform is harder than ever and finding one that makes life easier on patients and physicians alike is essential. This is why cliexa builds end-to end systems that improve quality of care and reduces burden on physicians. Learn more:


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