February 17, 2021

Greenlight Maine is a competitive reality television show that consists of 13 episodes featuring 26 contestants. Ranging from entrepreneurs to established businesses, contestants vie for cash prizes to take their products and services to the next level.

Dr. Samir Haydar pitched navigatER in the latest season of the program and impressed. Earning the win in his round. Watch Dr. Haydar’s pitch:


navigatER is a patient experience platform, powered by cliexa, that enables transparency and real-time communication between emergency care providers and their patients via a secure mobile app. LEARN MORE

Banner Health Launches cliexa’s Adolescent Resiliency Screening Platform: cliexa-OPTIONS

Greeley, CO: cliexa today announces a new partnership with Banner Health’s North Colorado Family Medicine. This partnership supports a proof of concept study with cliexa’s adolescent resiliency digital health screening tool called cliexa-OPTIONS.

The study, which began on September 28, 2020 is sponsored by Dr. Michael Bradfield at Banner’s North Colorado Family Medicine, includes an independent evaluation team from the University of Northern Colorado. Dr. William Merchant from Applied Statistics and Research Methods, and Dr. Stephen Wright from the Applied Psychology and Counselor Education Program.

Doctoral students have been implementing cliexa-OPTIONS digital health screening at the Psychological Counseling Clinic since last year.

I find this tool is a valuable component to facilitating the process of reaching the client where they are developmentally. While working with youth requires integrated care and an interdisciplinary approach, the cliexa platform allows for a common and universal language to be used by all healthcare providers with the same mission of lowering sexual risk, empowering adolescents and young adults to make real behavioral changes, and increasing awareness of services that can be provided to them for additional support,” says Kaitlin Dent, a Doctoral student from the Applied Psychology and Counselor Education Program at UNC. “Clients feel safer, disclosing more personal and relevant information about their mental health, sexual activity, and overall well-being.

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  1. Implementation of the latest recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force for adolescent behavioral health.
  2. Integrated care support to family physicians working with adolescent patients at Northern Colorado Family Medicine.
  3. Evaluating the quad aims, including cost-benefit, physician and patient satisfaction, and improving outcomes using digital screening tools that support primary care clinics.

We are excited to support Banner Health’s North Colorado Family Medicine. This proof of concept study is important for moving adolescent behavioral health and resiliency forward for primary care clinics,” says Mehmet Kazgan, CEO at cliexa.

About cliexa: cliexa is an end-to-end integrated virtual health platform that enables custom patient onboarding and remote patient monitoring, supporting multiple subspecialties including, pain, mental health, cardiology, adolescent behavioral health, podiatry, gastroenterology, and endocrinology. Learn more at cliexa.com.

About Banner North Colorado Family Medicine: is a cornerstone for family medicine health promotion, disease prevention, and chronic illness management for family members of all ages. Their team of ten physicians supports patients with their wellness and chronic care management. The clinic is located at 1600 23rd Ave Greeley, CO 80634, and includes a vibrant Family Medicine Residency Program. Learn more: Banner North Colorado

Quality Improvement during a Pandemic: How cliexa empowers actionable data delivery

In a recent webinar, Dr. Maccioli, an advisor to the board at Quick’rCare Quality, discussed the cause and effect of COVID-19 from the healthcare workforce perspective. Gerald Maccioli, MD, was the former Chief Quality Officer at Envision Healthcare and an innovative healthcare leader serving for over 30 years. Maccioli’s goal is to effectively deliver quality healthcare to all patients, regardless of their entry point into the system, while protecting non-COVID-19 positive patients and our healthcare workforce. In the webinar, Maccioli highlighted companies like cliexa, who already provide “automated patient entered data quality reporting; that’s what we need to get to.”

He notes, now more than ever, “there is a need for partners in the tech world to give the world a foundation of automated and trusted information acquisition.” The need for digital, remote patient care is more critical now than ever. cliexa’s platform solution leverages flexible technology to create custom workflows to enhance efficiency and tailored data gather. Our clients have implemented cliexa across subspecialty clinics including pain management, pediatrics, family medicine, cardiovascular and emergency medicine. cliexa’s platform can accommodate varying workflows based on chief complaint, appointment type and payor-specific needs.

cliexa is committed to increase access to care—especially in times of crisis. Today we are striving to optimize the patient experience by remaining at the forefront of digital health and efficiently connecting patient reported data to clinical teams in order to improve outcomes.

Watch the webinar with Dr. Maccioli below:



Since 2009, Colorado Companies to Watch has recognized top companies “who fuel the economic fire of Colorado,” and it is our pleasure to have been named a 2020 Winner.  With over 1,000 companies nominated, cliexa is truly honored to receive this award, but we did not achieve this alone. Partnerships and collaborations with other leading organizations have been crucial to cliexa’s success.

Through the Innovation Program with our partners at the American College of Cardiology (ACC), we have developed one of our latest modules, cliexa-PULSE to digitally transform and ultimately optimize cardiovascular care and outcomes. PULSE is a mobile application designed for patients to track their symptoms, medications, episodes, complications and daily activity to manage atrial fibrillation providing real-time data to their clinicians. The expansion of cliexa-PULSE in 2021 will provide treatment tracking tools for patients with Hypertension, Congestive Heart Failure and Coronary Artery Disease, as well as launching a population health module. PULSE is the ideal mobile app for clinicians to fully leverage patient-reported data, improving treatment decision-making and the overall patient experience.

We are honored to be named a winner alongside our fellow ACC Innovation collaborator: HeartHero.

HeartHero is committed to positively impacting the outcome of Cardiac Arrest and to save more lives through a novel, connected Automated External Defibrillator (AED). By penetrating into the home market and identifying those at risk, HeartHero will empower them with a life-saving tool, so anyone, anywhere can save a life. Since inception, HeartHero has increased its employment by 400% and expects to continue its growth moving forward. We at cliexa are thrilled to share this accomplishment with HeartHero and look forward to continuing to grow alongside them and our fellow Colorado tech companies.


“With current technology and data, we are able to advance the AED industry with the ambition of making the greatest impact to Cardiac Arrest survivability seen in our time. Our innovation collaboration with the ACC will help pave the way for this outcome through research, studying and identifying those at risk and ultimately getting AEDs placed where they need to be. We are honored to be ACC Innovation collaborators together with cliexa and to both be recognized by Colorado Companies to Watch”

– Gary Montague, CEO and Founder of HeartHero.


Moving forward cliexa, alongside our fellow Innovation Collaborators at the American College of Cardiology, will continue to expand our cardiac treatment services. At cliexa we will continue to expand virtual health solutions. Our platform provides remote check-in for clinics to onboard patients, create virtual sessions with telehealth providers and enabled its customer clinics to become more than 90 percent virtual within a week.

Learn more about HeartHero’s mission to give back: https://www.cobizmag.com/colorado-companies-to-watch-2020-the-helpers/

And how cliexa and other ‘techies’ are changing the game in Colorado: https://www.cobizmag.com/colorado-companies-to-watch-2020-the-techies/

We are excited to announce that cliexa has been named Telehealth Startup of the Month by the Telehealth Networking Club.

After pitching our product to an esteemed panel of judges that included members of the Global Health Impact Fund, Munich Re Ventures, and bene : studio, we were chosen as a winner.

The cliexa team was recognized for its work to promote our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Telehealth services to healthcare systems, starting here in Colorado. Our products provide a platform for healthcare providers to securely interact with their patients. It allows them to onboard and monitor patient’s treatment progress remotely to ensure continuity of care when in-person care is difficult.

Our innovative healthcare technology impacts more than healthcare professionals. As healthcare in America continues to evolve, digital health technologies continue to emerge as beneficial tools for patients and providers. Our solutions aim to address the full stack of virtual health technology, from intake to follow up.

Learn more about us being the Telehealth Startup of September here: http://l.benestudio.co/Startup_Award_09_LC