Gender Equity in Global Health

Back in January of 2020, our own Director of Product, Ashley Darnell, shared about her experience and recent manuscript publication with FHI360’s Alive and Thrive Program in Vietnam. Since then, Darnell’s time and research have obtained further publication in a second manuscript that delves deeper into the varying health policies in Southeast Asia and their subsequent effects on the region. Check out her most recent update below!

“In 2020, the impact of varying health policies when addressing a common goal is undeniable. However, in 2017 when I began working alongside the Alive & Thrive team in Vietnam, a sector focused on maternal and child health within with FHI360, an in-depth comparative policy assessment of National Nutrition Strategies across ASEAN had not been conducted. As outlined in the manuscript, “Countries in Southeast Asia have high burdens of malnutrition (Association of Southeast Asian Nations [ASEAN], European Union, UNICEF, & World Health Organization [WHO], 2016; UNICEF, 2019). For example, in the region’s 11 countries, nine have a high or very high prevalence of stunting (≥20%), nine have medium, high, or very high prevalence of wasting (≥5%), and five countries have medium, high, or very high prevalence of overweight (≥5%) among children under 5 years of age (UNICEF, 2019). The prevalence of children under 5 suffering from micronutrient deficiencies in Southeast Asia is almost 50% (ASEAN et al., 2016; UNICEF, 2019). Rates of malnutrition among school‐aged children and women are also high in this region (UNICEF, 2019). Seven of the 11 Southeast Asian countries belong to the lowest 20th percentile of height for men and women among 129 countries (N. C. D. Risk Factor Collaboration, 2016),1” presenting a valuable opportunity to review the policies in place at a national level in 9 Asian countries as they compare to regional and international recommendations.”

“At Alive & Thrive, we scrupulously analyzed the existing policies for Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, Malaysia, Laos, Timor Leste, Indonesia, and the Philippines. We assessed the context and objectives of all existing health interventions relating to maternal and child nutrition to identify how closely aligned these national efforts were. The outcome was recently published in the Journal of Maternal and Child Nutrition, titled National nutrition strategies that focus on maternal, infant, and young child nutrition in Southeast Asia do not consistently align with regional and international recommendations.”

“In this manuscript, we found that despite the continued alignment of ASEAN countries in regional efforts, the NNS did not consistently align when it came to maternal and child health interventions. We proposed that establishing a database of health intervention information on a regional and international level would not only help cross-check for effectiveness when correlating with other national statistics but also help increase alignment and overall knowledge in the application of health intervention through policy structures.

Join us in congratulating Ashley in her accomplishments in Public Health, and check out the manuscript in the citation below.

1 Nguyen, TT, Darnell, A, Weissman, A, et al. National nutrition strategies that focus on maternal, infant, and young child nutrition in Southeast Asia do not consistently align with regional and international recommendations. Matern Child Nutr. 2020;e12937.

MATTER Health, An Ecosystem for Healthcare Innovation

As of June 2020, we are excited to become a global member of the MATTER Health Community, as a company actively working to accelerate healthcare innovation.

With over 200 startups and 60+ corporate partners, the MATTER collaborative is a unique ecosystem of innovation in health and healthcare. As a member, we are equipped with a network of collaborators and industry leaders to expand our reach in digital health while accessing the tools and knowledge needed to succeed. We join a list of key players in their healthcare community, including Accenture, AbbVie, OSF HealthCare, Roche, and more.

Based out of Chicago, IL, MATTER is mobilizing a community of entrepreneurs and innovators in the healthcare industry with the overarching goal of healthcare innovation. They bring together the major players across the industry, including health system executives, payors, and venture capitalists to identify challenges and solutions to innovate faster.

We are proud to join a community-driven to innovate across all things healthcare-related and are looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. Come check us out on MATTER Health’s newest member page and reach out if you are a fellow MATTER member, or book a demo if you want to learn more about our virtual health tools!

As of May 2020, we are proud to announce we have joined the StartUp Health Transformer Community. Joining over 325 global innovators in the healthcare space, StartUp Health organizes and invests in healthcare entrepreneurs in a worldwide community. As a leading healthcare venture fund, their unique approach to seed funding early-stage startups has established a diverse portfolio of entrepreneurs in all facets of health technology to achieve “moonshots.” These Health Moonshots aim to improve global healthcare, ranging from access to care to the ultimate goal of curing disease and cancer.

As their new portfolio company, we share their vision of tackling the access to care moonshot, as highlighted in the recent interview with our Founder & CEO, Mehmet Kazgan. StartUp Health allows cliexa to expand upon our Colorado reach to establish networks with other companies leading innovation in the healthcare industry nationwide. Our shared goal is to improve interoperability among each stakeholder in healthcare. Alongside StartUp Health, our digital screening, EMR integration, and remote monitoring paired with artificial intelligence (AI) will drive access to care regardless of patient’s demographics.

We are proud to join the global army of Health Transformers and are looking forward to the opportunities that will arise from this fruitful partnership.

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Streamlining Cardiovascular Conditions

In this month’s issue of Cardiology Magazine, our partners at the American College of Cardiology take a deep dive into the co-development our home health monitoring platform for cardiovascular conditions including atrial fibrillation, hypertension, CHF, and more. This article highlights the accomplishments and progress we have made with the workgroup thus far in bringing cliexa-PULSE to life for the world of cardiovascular care.

PULSE is a home health monitoring platform designed to track symptoms, medications, milestones, and daily activity for the management of atrial fibrillation, hypertension, and other cardiovascular-related conditions. Clinicians can provide remote, virtual care for cardiovascular patients while maintaining proper documentation with the EMR for billing purposes

Over the past 24-months, cliexa and a workgroup of cardiologists have approached the development of PULSE through an iterative process. As part of the product development, the key focus was on the user experience of an atrial fibrillation home health monitoring platform for patients that provided actionable data for their clinicians. This has since expanded into other areas of cardiology including hypertension, congestive heart failure, and others. Monthly deep-dive meetings, held between the ACC workgroup and cliexa, have been critical to this iterative development and a thorough understanding of the problems that cardiologists face in traditional workflows.

Our time with the workgroup has been instrumental in framing a user-friendly platform for both patients and their physicians, and we are prepared to expand upon this platform by applying the power of artificial intelligence. Just last month, we were awarded the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade’s (OEDIT)’s Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant Program to pursue this very thing. With this partnership and the funds made available through this grant, the application of AI in cardiovascular disease management will be the next step worth tackling.

This is the second time cliexa has been featured in the official Cardiology Magazine. Check out the first feature here.

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Board Member Announcement (June 2020)

cliexa is pleased to announce Jennifer Bae and Keith Pinter joining cliexa Board of Directors as new board members.

Jennifer Bae is the Managing Director of Innovation for the American College of Cardiology and built the infrastructure for ACC’s Innovation Program from the ground up.  Prior to the ACC, Jennifer worked in global health and pandemic preparedness, including at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of State, where she led Biosecurity Engagement Programs in South and Southeast Asia and served as the Deputy Chief of Bio-engagement globally.  She represented the US Government in a Delegation to the United Nations and crafted pandemic preparedness policies with the interagency.  Prior to her government service, she led best practice research directed at solving strategic and operational issues for the Advisory Board Company.  Jennifer holds a Master’s in Health Services Administration from the University of Michigan School of Public Health.  She speaks Mandarin Chinese, Bahasa (Indonesian), and Spanish.

“ACC built its innovation program around the digital transformation of health care delivery, with remote monitoring as a key aspect of that effort,” Bae said. “cliexa’s platform for collecting patient data both during and between medical office visits, with great attention to information security, supports our shared emphasis on improving patient care by collecting meaningful information and representing it in a way that is actionable to clinicians. I am honored to continue working with cliexa and the other board members to move this innovative vision forward.”

Keith Pinter most recently served as Chief Operating Officer for the $6.5B Physician Services group of the Fortune 500 Envision Healthcare.  Prior to Envision, Keith was Corporate Vice President for Health Management Associates, a Fortune 500 healthcare provider acquired by Community Health Systems in 2014. Previously, Mr. Pinter functioned as President of Lido Capital, XDrive, Epoch internet, and Ameritech. Mr. Pinter received his Presidential MBA from Pepperdine University in 2007. He currently chairs the University of Miami Data Sciences Executive Advisory Board, as well as serving on the boards of Accolite, Burst IQ, and Bold Destiny.

“I’m excited to assist the board and leadership team in unlocking the tremendous value which cliexa has purposefully and innovatively engineered with its unique platform, enabling providers to make informed decisions more effectively and having a holistic view of patient-reported data. cliexa’s unique platform with clinician-centric workflows, AI-driven predictive risk models and compliance framework has the potential to make a substantial difference for many of the specialties, especially so for those chronic diseases.”, Keith Pinter said,

“cliexa just got two of the best board members and advisor with great experience in healthcare innovation, clinical technology development, and healthcare operations. We are extremely lucky to have Jennifer’s and Keith’s wisdom to accelerate cliexa’s growth moving forward,” said Mehmet Kazgan, Founder and CEO of cliexa.